COVID-19 Secure Policy

Musgrove House is solely run by Robin & Jane; we live on the premises but are totally separate from the guest accommodation. It is with great sadness that we promise to do all we can to keep our distant from you and reduce our interaction with the area of the property where you will be staying. We understand that the concern over the Coronavirus is a worrying one. Please rest assured that we have kept ourselves fully informed and up to date with UK.Gov health & hygiene procedures and advice as well as those of the WHO.

The short version of this policy is that we are keeping our guests and ourselves safe by washing our hands regularly, carrying out extra cleaning and reducing the number of rooms. We have changed some things like how breakfast service is carried out, and we cannot clean your room daily.


For a detailed explanation, please read on

We are now proud to have been accredited  by Visit England as safe and secure regarding our COVID-19 protocols and procedures.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, the world has changed in many ways, and we want you to have confidence when booking your stay with us that your health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us.

Due to the layout of the house, and to ensure social distancing at Musgrove House, we are only opening one room at a time for the immediate future, rotating rooms to ensure that there is at least 24 hours between guests staying in any room.

(Due to the size of the common area, groups of 4 people may book as long as they contact us first and assure us that they are happy being together under these circumstances and take full responsibility for their health.)

Although this will obviously impact our revenue, along with the increased work and additional costs as per below, we feel this is the only course of action and the right thing to do.

We have always taken pride in our levels of cleanliness, and so we have researched very carefully and replaced our all cleaning products, following guidelines from WHO and local authorities to those cleaning products that will pass EN standard 1276, EN14476, and EN13697.

(More details can be found here if you are interested: European Chemicals Agency)

We have also added a steamer to our cleaning regime to ensure complete sanitisation of all hard surfaces as well as mattresses.

We have achieved a 5 rating (the highest achievable) for food hygiene from the Environmental Health for each of the ten years we have been open, and also  a 4 star grading with the AA who independently assess cleaning standards.

You will find details below of the action we are taken to keep us all safe following completion of a risk assessment. This policy is based on current Government guidelines for hospitality businesses, and we will update this document should anything change.

We have changed some of the things we do in order to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Please do read through this list as some things will obviously affect your stay.

Before you arrive

As per current Government guidelines, please do not travel to us if you or anyone in your party is showing any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus (ie fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell).

If track and trace app is available at the time of your stay, please download it to your phone before you set out on your journey.

We kindly request that you agree to follow our temporary measure and new procedures whilst on our premises and this forms part of the Terms and Conditions of booking.

We will email you a registration form before you arrive; please complete and sign it and give it to us when you arrive.


Most of our guests arrive by car, and under normal circumstances we would applaud the use of public transport as we are an environmentally conscious business. However during this period, we would appreciate I if you could avoid using public transport to arrive where possible, minimizing the chance of infection en-route. We would remind you to limit contact with other people and keep an appropriate social distance at service stations, restaurants and attractions, using hand sanitizer, wipes, face coverings and gloves where appropriate.

Check in

Under normal circumstances, we will be unable to offer early check in due to the increased time needed for cleaning; however if the room has not been used the previous night then it may be possible- please ask.

In order to respect social distancing, we have changed our check in procedures and we now provide a self check-in service at Musgrove House. We will ask you for an approximate check in time, and there will be a set of keys to the front door and your room in the Igloo lockbox in the car park. This lockbox will only open at appointed times, and we cannot guarantee being available outside of these times unless by prior arrangement, so please do not be late!

The lockbox, keys, door handles and all high contact spots will all have been sanitized prior to your arrival.

Hand sanitizer is available on the shelving just inside the front door which we encourage you to use whenever you enter or leave the house.

You will have been sent a check in form in advance of your stay, so there shouldn’t be anything to complete on your arrival. We will remain in the owners accommodation area maintaining social distance, but will obviously be available should you need us. Please just knock on the door to the left of the fridge.

We do not require that you wear a mask while at Musgrove House as long as you maintain social distance from us, but obviously you are welcome to wear one if you would like.

Your Bedroom

The digital guide you should have downloaded to your phone has all the information about the room you need, but if anything is unclear, please let us know.

The remote control units will have been sterilized after the last guest and will be placed on the bedside tables.

The bedspreads, decorative cushions and throws have been removed from your room to make cleaning and sanitizing easier, and all linens and towels in your room are laundered at high temperatures.

Your tea tray has been reduced in order to minimize the number of items you may have touched, but we will be happy to supply additional items on request.

We would ask that you wash your hands when you enter or leave your room, and have provided anti-bacterial hand wash for your stay.

We regret that we can’t clean your room daily if you are staying with us for 4 nights or less. You will be offered room cleaning on the fifth day, but the choice is entirely up to you.

We will leave you a consumables order form and provide you with whatever you require on a daily basis (eg toilet paper, rubbish bags, fresh milk, tea bags, coffee pods)

We would also ask that you empty the bins in your room, placing tightly sealed bags of rubbish into the bin provided downstairs. You will find clean bin bags under the old ones. We will provide any requested items for you at breakfast and fresh milk will be in the fridge downstairs.

We have removed all our shared stationery, such as paper guides relating to local attractions, as well as the guide book in each room. These have all been  replaced with the digital guide which can be used on any device:….this will be updated regularly with as much information was we can possibly help with.

Where possible, a minimum gap of 24 hours will be left before we clean a vacated room between guests. Appropriate PPE will be used to clean each room and disposed of after use, and new sets always used for each room. We wash our hands extremely frequently and use hand sanitizer between cleaning bedroom and bathroom and between moving into a new room.


We will ask you for a breakfast time on arrival, and menus will be printed on paper for single use. Salt, pepper and sugar will now be available in disposable sachets, and jams and butters will be available on request rather than being available in the dining room.

We will take you breakfast order whilst maintaining a safe distance, and plates of food will be delivered to an empty table for you to pick up.

We have held a five star food hygiene rating since we opened, and always maintain an extremely high standard of cleanliness throughout the house and kitchen.

Check out

Before you leave, please can you open all the windows for ventilation and leave any items such as hair dryers that you have used out so we can sanitise them.

We will take payment by card on departure; this will be done verbally rather than sharing the card machine, and as there are no other guests in the house, your security is maintained. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay by bank transfer before check out.

Your key can be left on the small tray on the table so we can sanitise them both before the next guest. 


Should you feel unwell during your stay with any of the common Coronavirus symptoms (ie fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) then you must let us know immediately.  Consistent with Government guidelines, you will be asked to check out immediately in order to self isolate at your home address. Should symptoms become worse, then you should seek medical advice.

Where travel is not possible, you will be liable for all costs incurred by us and extra nights and/or services provided. This may include rehousing guests who have already booked and were due to stay in your bedroom.

Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, please email us on or call us on 01243 790 179/07885 586344